SWIFT - Fintech PR in London

SWIFT teams up with Chatsworth to stimulate conversation around Sibos

We worked with the SWIFT team to create a campaign to stimulate conversation around SIBOS.
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Insurance PR

Insurance needs an urgent reboot. It’s ripe for a fintech transformation.

Chatsworth understands the transformative role data and AI can bring to the insurance sector.
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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: It’s all about building a better e-mousetrap

At Chatsworth, we love communicating about digital transformation, but it has to be in context.
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FX PR - Curtis Pfeiffer, Pragma CBO

Building FX reputations for over 20 years

Chatsworth has been at the centre of foreign exchange - the world’s largest and most liquid market - for over 20 years.
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Chatsworth LinkedIn - Fintech

Smart social media to stay connected and grow your business in lockdown

LinkedIn is now the primary direct marketing channel for wholesale financial services and fintech.
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LedgerEdge - Fintech PR in London

LedgerEdge set to digitise the corporate bond market

David E. Rutter has assembled a team of experts for his latest venture to digitise the corporate bond market.
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Previse - Fintech PR in London

Previse raises $11million to help get suppliers paid faster

We look forward to steering Previse's communications as they expand their technology reach to corporate buyers.
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Pilots - Fintech PR in London

Communicating with employees and clients through a crisis

In a crisis, everything should be focused on your people. The future of your firm will be defined by the tone you set.
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LiquidityEdge - Fintech PR Brand

LiquidityEdge: from launch onto a $150 million acquisition

LiquidityEdge - steering a fintech brand through launch, growth and onto a $150 million acquisition
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R3 - Fintech PR in London

R3 – Leading the enterprise blockchain revolution

Chatsworth leads global PR support for enterprise blockchain software firm R3 since its launch.
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JP Morgan-backed fintech atomises financial research

JP Morgan-backed fintech turning research information overload into the asset it was designed to be.
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MTS - Fintech PR in London

Establishing MTS as a leader in electronic fixed income

We helped MTS refresh its brand and re-position its product in a rapidly evolving government bond market.
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