UK tech sector booms to over USD 1 trillion, with fintech the crown jewel

UK Tech Sector - London

You can’t be right all the time, but just sometimes….

When we founded Chatsworth, we took the strategic decision to become the first communications agency to focus all our energies on the fintech sector.

Fast forward nearly two decades and that strategy has paid off.

The UK tech is sector now worth more than $1 trillion, with fintech its crown jewel and the momentum is not slowing up, with $6 billion raised in 2022, and counting.

Chatsworth is proud to have played our part in launching and building some of the most successful fintech brands of the past two decades.

It was clear to us that digital transformation would be a key economic and business driver and that we would focus on that intersection of finance and technology.

Since then, the startup economy has evolved from a small group of people centred in London and mainly working on apps to a major industry.

Our business has grown with the sector and we’re proud to have built the most knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled fintech team.

The UK sector was worth $446 billion in 2018 and growing steadily. But in 2020 there was a step change, with the ecosystem doubling in value to more than $900 billion, paving the way for a further push above the trillion mark.

The sharpest growth was between 2020 and 2021, of course, driven in part by Covid, which catalysed digital transformation. But in truth, this transformation was already well underway.

Chatsworth is fortunate to work with some of the world’s most established technology firms and the most exciting challenger brands and start-ups working to improve the way the world trades and communicates through technology.

Often backed and funded by banks and investment houses, these businesses take a laser-focused look at legacy business processes and problems and hone their technology to improve them.

We’re now seeing institutions creating functions and chief architect roles to enable digital transformation with commensurate investment and budget lines to power them.

Some firms are quicker off the block than others – the early adopters, if you will – but most now recognise that change through technology is no longer an ‘if’, but a firm ‘when.’

At the heart of the matter is a simple principle: effective digital transformation leads to “stuff getting done better.”

That could be SME suppliers getting paid on time or atomising research to deliver better information to banks and their clients to inform their investment or trading decisions.

It will most likely lead to improved operating costs, greater efficiency, improved transparency, and enhanced data security.

We support ambitious, intelligent work delivered by some of the smartest technologists and business minds, funded well and run by people who understand financial markets as well as the broader needs of the business.

At Chatsworth, we love communicating about digital transformation, talking with our colleagues in the financial and technology media to amplify the transformative work our clients are doing. But it has to be in context. What business challenge are you solving? Quantify those benefits. Why is it important?

We bring our own experience of launching and building fintech brands together with our communication skills and command of technology and data to take our clients to market and link them up with their customers and partners-to-be.

It’s an amazing time to be at the heart of this sector and we’re proud to have the best, most experienced and most effective team in this space.

Thank you to everyone who has come with us on the journey – clients, colleagues current and past and all our supporters and advisors.

We’ve focussed on fintech from the start. Finally, the world is paying attention. Here’s to the next decade.

Chatsworth was the first communications agency to focus on fintech.

We’ve been building fintech reputations for 20 years, steering start-ups through launchgrowth and onto corporate action, and protecting and enhancing established infrastructures

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