Communicating with employees and clients through a crisis


In a crisis, everything should be focused on your people. The future of your firm will be defined by the tone you set.

Technology has given us all the channels we need – it’s what you say and the tone that counts.

Employees and clients make judgments based on how a firm communicates and behaves during challenging times. We saw this in NYC during 9/11 where the most effective firms maintained high levels of visibility.

The Chatsworth team has over 20 years-experience guiding leaders and organisations through benign and challenging market and operating conditions.

We’re all experiencing news and information overload amid the coronavirus outbreak so we’re going to practice what we preach. Here’s a few focused pointers to help guide you in your communications with your colleagues:

  • Internal communication takes absolute precedence
  • Communicate clearly, every day. Be visible whenever possible
  • Speak to and treat your employees like family
  • Be human, positive and supportive
  • Re-energise them with optimism, transparency and shared humanity. That’s real leadership

And finally, if we can give you one take away, it’s this:  People don’t remember everything you said, but they do remember how you made them feel.

Smart data analytics from JP Morgan-backed fintech

Trading activity generates huge quantities of raw transaction and pricing data and banks and funds are all looking to extract the value from this, largely untapped, data asset.

The ability to refine this raw data and distil it into meaningful ‘Smart Data’, where value can be extracted in the form of actionable insights can give them a major competitive advantage.

Enter Mosaic Smart Data, an amazing data analytics company, backed and used by JP Morgan to optimise the productivity and profitability of its global fixed income sales and trading division.

Matt Hodgeson and his team at Mosaic have done an extraordinary job building technology to allow financial institutions to unite all of their fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC) trading data into one powerful, real time viewpoint.

It means each function – from back office and compliance to traders, sales desks and managers – can see exactly what is going on in the FICC business in real time for the first time and at any level of detail, from the macro to the atomic

Mosaic was the first graduate of ‘In-Residence’, a J.P. Morgan programme created last year for technology start-ups looking to commercialise ideas that solve real-world challenges in financial services.

Chatsworth worked with Mosaic from the start, articulating their story, defining their brand and connecting them to their target audience of potential users and influencers.

Mosaic is now gathering real pace and has been voted one of the Fintech Top 50 in the influential rankings of hot start-ups.

Chatsworth was the first communications agency to focus on fintech. We’ve been building fintech reputations for 20 years, steering start-ups through launch, growth and onto corporate action, and protecting and enhancing established infrastructures.

Looking for intelligent, informed and connected fintech PR which delivers results and value?

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