Previse raises $11million to help get suppliers paid faster

Previse gets suppliers paid, instantly. It’s an exceptional company lead by an exceptional team.

Previse’s artificial intelligence analyses the data of corporate buyers to detect the very few invoices that need manual intervention, so that the rest can be paid instantly. Its platform processes over 100,000 invoices per day – getting critical cash flow to SMEs. This funding round means so much in supporting them on their mission to help small businesses around the world.

Chatsworth is proud to have played a part in Previse’s story – launching and building the brand and buzz around its fantastic team and technology, advising on, and delivering, every aspect of their communications, placing their technology at the forefront of the target audience.

Naturally, having worked so closely with Previse since launch, we’re thrilled that they’ve just recently completed a USD11m funding round led by Reefknot Investments and Mastercard.

This strategic investment takes funding to date to over USD21.8 million, and will go towards driving product development, recruitment and global-market efforts forward.

Here’s to Previse’s next chapter – making a genuine, positive contribution to the economy by providing SMEs around the world with the cashflow they so desperately need to reach their full potential.

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