Helping ACI UK promote its code of conduct

Chatsworth has unique expertise in foreign exchange, the world’s largest and most liquid market. We have over a decade of experience representing a wide range of clients, from interbank and retail trading platforms to infrastructure and settlement systems.

Chatsworth helped the ACI Financial Markets Association, the global trade association for the FICC and money market, with its objective of developing and promoting an international, principles-based FX Global Code. We worked closely with the ACI’s international leadership team to enhance the organisation’s visibility and set the tone of the debate around issues relating to best practice, conduct, trader behaviour, education and market reform.

We also helped to position the ACI’s ELAC portal as the FX market’s go-to source for individuals seeking high-quality training and professional development relating to the FX Global Code’s principles. As a result, leading sell-side and buy-side firms and trade associations such as the LBMA have committed to using ELAC to train their employees.