ACIFMA - Fintech PR in London

ACI FMA partners with Axiom Global Advisors

The ACI FMA has announced a partnership with Axiom Global Advisors to help adhere to the FX Global Code.
February 17, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

Q&A session with our interns Isabel, Max and Eleanor

Our interns discuss work in the Fintech PR sector and handling the transition from Uni life to working life.
February 13, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
TFDI - Fintech PR in London

Trade finance distribution poised to grow to $3tn market for investors

The distribution of trade finance assets poised to grow to $3tn market for investors - according to the TFDI.
February 12, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
ParFX - Fintech PR in London

Foreign exchange daily turnover in UK reaches record

ParFX's Dan Marcus and Pragma's chief business officer, Curtis Pfieffer, comment on the FX markets.
February 5, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

How can ‘document atomisation’ bring benefits to research?

Using their cutting edge technology, Limeglass is alleviating businesses of their information overload.
February 5, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

Startup spotlight: Cobalt, reengineering the FX market

Fintech Magazine spoke with our client Darren Coote, the CEO of Cobalt, a fintech startup reengineering the FX market.
January 28, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

Contour launches to digitize and modernize trade finance

A new independent global network in the USD 18 trillion trade finance market has been launched - Contour.
January 28, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
David E. Rutter

David E. Rutter on CNBC’s Squawk Box

David E. Rutter, founder & CEO of R3, was on CNBC's Squawk Box discussing his predictions for blockchain in 2020.
January 10, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
AFTA - - Fintech PR in London

Tradeteq and Pragma win American Financial Technology Awards

Tradeteq and Pragma have been recognised in this year’s American Financial Technology Awards.
December 4, 2019/by ChatsworthCommunications
Tradition - Fintech PR /Financial Services client

Tradition brokers AUD/USD swap trade using LCH SwapAgent

The trade was executed between MUFG and another counterparty on 20 November 2019.
November 21, 2019/by ChatsworthCommunications
Limeglass - Fintech PR in London

Limeglass announces new investment from J.P. Morgan

Limeglass’s technology automatically analyses the paragraphs in research documents in real-time.
November 12, 2019/by ChatsworthCommunications

Wematch strengthens team with Chairman

Wematch provides technology to transform how traders match, negotiate and manage trades.
November 6, 2019/by ChatsworthCommunications
Previse - Fintech PR in London

Previse: Launching a supplier payment solution

Previse is transforming global commerce by using data to enable every supplier to be paid the day they issue an invoice.
March 10, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
MTS - Fintech PR in London

Establishing MTS as a leader in electronic fixed income

We helped MTS refresh its brand and re-position its product in a rapidly evolving government bond market.
March 10, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

Launching FX shared middle and back office technology

Since Cobalt's inception, we've provided ongoing strategic and tactical marketing and PR support.
March 10, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance representing UK fintech

Chatsworth delivered rich media content and interviews to support a host of Innovate Finance's fintech partners.
March 10, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
SWIFT - Fintech PR in London

Distilling a complex story into an engaging conversation

We worked with the SWIFT team to create a campaign to stimulate conversation around SIBOS.
March 10, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
Mosaic - Fintech PR in London

Smart data analytics from JP Morgan-backed fintech

Chatsworth - articulating Mosaic's story, defining their brand and connecting them to their target audience.
March 9, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
International Women’s Day - Fintech PR for Women Today

Chatsworth reflects on International Women’s Day

"In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." - Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.
March 6, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
Blockchain’s Five Ingredients Of Interoperability - R3 Fintech PR

Blockchain’s five ingredients of interoperability

Richard Brown, CTO for R3, lists his five ingredients for interoperability alongside real-life case examples in Forbes. 
March 6, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
Fintech PR

Fintech PR’s original top dog – Chatsworth Communications

Everyone and their dog is a so-called expert in fintech these days. But is there any bite behind all that bark?
March 5, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

Trade finance digitisation to make the world go round

Chatsworth is working with the Contour team to define the next chapter for trade finance through digitisation.
March 5, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications
Cobalt - Fintech PR client

Sucden Financial to go live on Cobalt’s FX infrastructure

Sucden Financial is the latest institution to join Cobalt’s post-trade technology network for its substantial FX business.
February 19, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications

Contour welcomes Citi into trade finance network

Contour has announced that Citi will join its trade finance network, as part of an industry-wide global collaboration.
February 19, 2020/by ChatsworthCommunications


A virtual Q&A with our interns Guste, Juste and Marie

Guste, Juste and Marie sat down (over video call) to discuss their virtual internships and journey into Fintech PR.
Investment in the gaming industry

Level up: investment in the gaming industry

During lockdown, investment in the gaming industry boomed,. Gone are the days where the sector is just for consumers – it’s now big business.
Economic innovator of the year

Previse named a finalist for Economic Innovator of the Year

The Economic Innovator of the Year is awarded to the company that the judging panel feel has disrupted their marketplace.
Fintech's party to play

Defining the new normal: fintech's part to play

Financial technology is the answer, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.


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