Fintech Innovation In The Capital

In the last 24 months, the Capital has acted as a hotbed for venture capital investment for a variety of FinTech firms pioneering new technologies designed to disrupt traditional business models, but also to enhance existing ones through collaborative partnerships with established financial services providers.
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The Currency Ethicist: One Man’s Push to Fix a Tarnished Market

Last week, the Bank for International Settlements launched a code of conduct for market professionals operating in the world’s largest and most liquid financial market – foreign exchange.
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Greenwich Associates FX Report: A bite size digest

Greenwich Associates has published an interesting report covering…
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R3 at Consensus 2016: focus on payments and smart contracts

International Business Times interviewed Chatsworth client R3 at last week's Consensus 2016 conference in New York.
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David Rutter: leading the blockchain and Treasuries revolutions

R3’s David Rutter is profiled in this month’s Risk magazine,…
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R3 recognised at Sell-Side Technology Awards

Blockchain consortium R3 scooped Best Sell-Side Start Up and…
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Europe is betting big on quantum computing

A one billion euro project, announced by the European Commission aims to develop quantum technologies over the next 10 years to place Europe at the forefront of this emerging technology
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Reporting from the SWIFT Business Forum 2016

Over 1,300 fintech professionals arrived at Tobacco Dock in East London yesterday morning for SWIFT’s annual Business Forum London conference, which has become the must-attend yearly event for this rapidly growing industry.
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London’s position as the world’s FX trading centre is damaged by Brexit

London’s position as the world’s main currency trading centre…
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R3 Announces Corda™, a Blockchain-Inspired Platform for Financial Services

Chatsworth client R3 has announced that it is building a platform, Corda, for its members to test use-cases and evaluate blockchain-inspired technologies.
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Microsoft and R3 partner to accelerate adoption of blockchain-inspired technologies

Tech giant Microsoft and Chatsworth client R3 today announced a strategic partnership that will accelerate the use of blockchain-inspired technologies among R3 member banks and global financial markets.
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Settlement risks involving public blockchains – R3

Chatsworth client R3 argues that public blockchains are not currently a reliable option for the clearing and settling of financial instruments.
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R3’s Richard Gendal Brown named as top FinTech influencer

Richard Gendal Brown named top technology influencer
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R3’s David Rutter discusses blockchain technology at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016

R3's David Rutter chats with Jon Shieber about recent innovations in the blockchain technology space and their implications for the future.
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Richard Gendal Brown on the open sourcing of Corda

R3 releases source code for Corda distributed ledger platform
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R3 distributed ledger consortium strengthens presence in Asia

The consortium, which launched twelve months ago with 9 members, continues its rapid expansion with the newest addition of China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS).
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Regulators seek further transparency for the US Treasuries market

As the Fed marks its second annual conference on the evolving structure of the US Treasury market, there has been much debate over the future of the $13tn bond market.
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A milestone for electronic trading – but what’s next?

Monday, 26 October 1986 marked a momentous day for London’s financial markets. 30 years ago brokers abandoned physical trading floors in favour of computer-based stock trading, which heralded a new dawn in trading and financial markets. This programme of deregulation later became known as ‘The Big Bang’.
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BBC Newsnight review: Antony Jenkins on banks and the fintech sector

Antony Jenkins, former CEO of Barclays appeared on Newsnight to share his views on the current state of the banking sector and provide an interesting appraisal of the fintech sector and its threat to the status quo.
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Regtech: tapping into the compliance goldrush

Regtech has emerged as the golden child of the fintech age. The sector has already proved pivotal to aiding regulatory compliance and is increasingly focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) to alleviate what has become a notoriously resource intensive activity for banks and the buy-side.
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Russian institutions flock to join R3 consortium

Payment processor QIWI becomes the first Russian company to join the consortium’s global network.
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Illuminating Markets – a vision for cash and collateral management

Roberto Verrillo, Head of Strategy and Markets at Elixium, outlines his view on the key issues in the repo and collateral market.
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As investment in fintech goes stratospheric, there’s an ancient principle uniting the source code

Back in 350 B.C., Aristotle observed that assigning monetary value to an otherwise insignificant thing – such as a coin – could only happen because of the human capacity for trust.
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MiFID II costs mount as industry navigates uncertain future

The report from HIS Markit and Expand, a Boston Consultancy Group company, provides the industry with fresh insight into how the sprawling package of reforms will affect financial institutions in Europe.
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