R3’s David Rutter discusses blockchain technology at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016

R3's David Rutter chats with Jon Shieber about recent innovations in the blockchain technology space and their implications for the future.
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Richard Gendal Brown on the open sourcing of Corda

R3 releases source code for Corda distributed ledger platform
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R3 distributed ledger consortium strengthens presence in Asia

The consortium, which launched twelve months ago with 9 members, continues its rapid expansion with the newest addition of China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS).
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Russian institutions flock to join R3 consortium

Payment processor QIWI becomes the first Russian company to join the consortium’s global network.
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Illuminating Markets – a vision for cash and collateral management

Roberto Verrillo, Head of Strategy and Markets at Elixium, outlines his view on the key issues in the repo and collateral market.
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R3 expands blockchain testing to bond markets, reference data and syndicated loans

It’s been a busy week for R3 CEV. The blockchain consortium has partnered with Credit Suisse, Intel and Axoni to advance the use of distributed ledger technology in real world use-cases.
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Cybersecurity: could a global standard be the answer?

A committee of central bankers are working with the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) to explore ways of tackling the threat cybersecurity poses for the financial services industry - in the first initiative designed to set a global common standard.
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BIS FX Code of Conduct Offers Reasons For Optimism

Chris Salmon, Executive Director, Markets, Bank of England, highlights the reasons to be optimistic about the new FX Code of Conduct, which will launch in London next May.
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Blockchain set to streamline reference data market

Blockchain consortium R3 CEV have announced a collaboration with capital markets technology provider Axoni, to test how blockchain technology can be used to enhance the reference data market. The project, which also involves Alliance Bernstein, Citi, Credit Suisse and HSBC is the latest example of how the financial services industry is finding new applications for the technology.
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What to expect at SIBOS 2016

With the industry continuing to grapple with a number of developing issues, from the emergence of disruptive technology and the ongoing impact of regulation and cyber crime to the potential implication of a Brexit, there is plenty to talk about.
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Derivatives industry gathers to discuss market reform, opportunities and challenges

Derivatives industry gathers to discuss market reform, opportunities and challenges The great and the good from London’s derivatives industry descend to FOW Regulation to discuss G20 reform, Brexit, Basel III and all things MiFID II.
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FCA sets out fertile ground for fintech innovation

The fintech sector in the UK continues to grow at a rapid rate. According to a PWC report, which explored how the sector is shaping financial services, over USD 50 billion has already been invested in roughly 2,500 fintech companies since 2010.
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Financial services and the fintech opportunity

A new report from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)…
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A Reuters bon voyage… and welcome

So it’s bon voyage to Reuters’ Patrick Graham who is moving to India after almost four years covering the FX market. We also extend a warm welcome Patrick’s colleague Saikat to London, as joins the London FX team from his previous role covering Asian financial markets.
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The rise and rise of artificial intelligence

Recent announcements from some of the largest banks show artificial intelligence (AI) working its way further into financial markets.
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Cobalt closes investment from former Deutsche Bank COO Henry Ritchotte

Cobalt, has closed an investment from Henry Ritchotte, the former Deutsche Bank COO who will also become a member of Cobalt’s strategic advisory board.
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ECB publicly endorses FX Global Code

The European Central Bank (ECB) has become the latest central bank to endorse the Bank of International Settlements’ (BIS) FX Global Code.
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Bank of England to boost fintech by opening up RTGS

The Bank of England (BoE) announced a framework to open up its…
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SWIFT’s blockchain PoC could transform international payments

SWIFT has just added 22 new members to its Global Payments Innovation…
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Chatsworth congratulates Pragma and Cobalt on FX Week e-FX Award wins

Leading industry trade publication FX Week has announced the…
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Previse completes a seed funding round worth £2 million.

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, generating…
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Chatsworth is proud to support London Tech Week

Chatsworth supports London Tech Week and the vision to create the world’s leading smart city.
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Chatsworth client R3 secures record-breaking USD 107 investment in distributed ledger technology

We are delighted to announce that Chatsworth client R3 has secured one of the largest ever Series A investments in the global fintech industry, raising USD 107 million from over 40 institutions across the globe.
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Cybersecurity: Is a flaw in human psychology to blame?

Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Michael Daniel postulates that we have only just begun to comprehend the scale of the issue and that it is our perception of the online world versus the physical which is to blame.
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