Investors splash the cash on British fintech startups

UK fintech investment

The UK remained a leading country for FinTech, ranking second globally only to the US in venture capital investment and Number 1 in Europe.

Already in 2021, over $1 billion of venture investment in FinTech has already been announced, representing a quarter of last year’s total of $4.1 billion of investment.

Investment dipped early in 2020 but has come back with enormous momentum since late summer. The initial shock of going into “lockdown” – installing Zoom, home-schooling, adapting to the new environment – is reflected fairly clearly in the investment figures for 2020.

The first half of 2020 had 2.4x less in investment totals than the latter half of the year – $1.2 billion in H1 versus $2.9 billion in H2 – and this momentum has continued into 2021.

The strong 2021 start is a testament to the UK FinTech talent, that is here to stay and that thinks globally, with many companies raising to expand or further consolidate their international plans.

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