A Q&A with our 2020 interns Guste, Juste and Marie


When Chatsworth transitioned to remote working in March 2020, it was a new experience for the whole team. Guste, Juste and Marie sat down to discuss their virtual internships and journey into Fintech PR.

What is a typical day like at Chatsworth?

Juste: Coming into such a specialised firm, with so much to learn, has meant that each day is different from the last. Of course, a routine of regular tasks does begin to develop as you become familiar with the role, the clients, and the industry – but even then, there’s a lot of diversity in terms of what’s going on over the course of the week or month. If you’re not drafting social media content, it might be a release or an article. If it’s neither, then you might be monitoring the news, drafting up or media lists, or collating reports – all across different clients.

The whole team was great at giving us a variety of tasks and projects to work on as we progressed through the internship, meaning that each day we had something new to try out.

How did you find starting the internship virtually?

Guste: It was definitely a different experience! Starting at the application process, to our first day, and all the way to today, the Chatsworth team has been helpful and supportive at every step. We felt a part of the team right from the start.

Starting my internship with Chatsworth virtually felt very seamless – as if this was already tried and tested long before we came along. You could hop on a call with anyone to have a quick chat or a briefing without a problem. There was also an active effort to establish whole team meetings, both social and professional, so we would always have a chance to hear about what’s going on other accounts and the whole company as well as get to know each other.

What is the culture like at Chatsworth?

Marie: Starting your career with a small firm is brilliant because you get a lot of support from the whole team as well as a lot of client exposure very early on. Being able to get stuck in with client work has helped me get up to speed with the industry really quickly and just wouldn’t be possible without such a tight-knit team.

I have a fantastic manager who is very supportive and always challenging me to go further. I also have a mentor, Isabel who was an intern last year and is now a Senior Account Executive at Chatsworth – she’s great at giving advice and is always on hand to answer any questions.

What is it like to work within Fintech?

Guste: While I didn’t have any fintech experience before I started, I had worked with start-ups in the past, and their enthusiasm and energy are what drew me to this internship. There was definitely a lot to learn, but my manager was always there to answer all of my questions and really helped get me up to speed very quickly. The rest of the team also team suggested lots of useful resources. A definite highlight included the frequent industry ‘quizzes’ I had to prepare for.

I’ve found fintech to be a very exciting industry to work in. You’re often at the forefront of the most exciting developments in finance and you get to see clients’ ideas come to life. It’s a great industry to start a career in!

What has been the biggest learning curve from transitioning from university to work?

Juste: Going from university to the office is quite a difference. For me, the biggest learning curve has been changing my writing style to suit public relations rather than academia, but it’s one that I enjoyed.

Chatsworth has a really good training programme with lots of useful tips which has helped me adapt to the writing style in PR. My manager has also been amazing in taking the time to sit down with me and go through my work – sometimes line by line, for us to get it just right.

What has been your favourite part of the internship?

Marie: My favourite part of the internship was learning about the finance and fintech fields. I had a background in PR before joining but no fintech experience. I had a few sessions with senior team members and their insight was invaluable in learning more about the industry.

Chatsworth really invests in training its interns. From very early on I had lots of support in developing my knowledge of the industry and building up my PR skill set. The internship gave me a great foundation and I very much rely on those skills in my work now as a Senior Account Executive. It’s been great to get stuck into such an exciting and fast-paced industry and see first-hand how fintech start-ups transform into industry leaders.

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