How the UK is still appealing to investors despite Brexit

Fintech Global writes about the thriving Fintech sector in the UK, deciphering why it’s still so attractive to investors despite Brexit, and the measures government are taking to make sure it remains this way.

“FinTech investment in the UK reached a record level in 2019, culminating in a total of $8.4bn being deployed across 341 deals, FinTech Global data shows…Brexit might have concerned investors back in 2016, when funding only reached $1.3bn, but the following year, funding rocketed up to $4.2bn.”

Our CEO, Nick Murray-Leslie, comments on the increased funding for the delivery panel, an initiative designed to identify measures which could support industry growth –  “The aim of this is to further bolster FinTech in the region and ensure it can continue to be a leader in the world. The Brexit process has focused minds on the sheer size and importance of the fintech sector to the city and by proxy the UK economy.”

You can read the full article here.