Smart remote working during lockdown

Work from home

Covid-19 has created a large-scale working-from-home experiment with many businesses encouraging employees to work remotely until the virus poses less of a threat – Chatsworth is now one of many working from home.

While the communications sector is much more suited to remote working, without the right foundation, it can be a challenge to implement. It was important for us to make sure everyone at Chatsworth was prepared, supported and had the resources needed to make it work. So, we decided to share some of our thoughts on how we’re working during this period.

Being tech-savvy

With a large proportion of our clients working in fintech, we’d be pretty ineffective if we didn’t also have a tech-focused approach. This goes double when our team works remotely. Having our documents on a secure cloud server gives everyone access even if they’re not in the building, while still ensuring our clients’ information remains safe.

Client calls and meetings still need to happen, which is why we’re using platforms that allow conferences calls on both phone and over the internet. People’s working habits can change when they’re not in the office, so it’s important to make sure there are alternative options of communication for both our team and clients.

Having good chat

That sense of communication was vital to us when confirming that teams will be working from home. It’s very easy for remote working to become isolating, for employees to feel overburdened and for individual development or coaching to take a back seat. It was something we did not want to happen.

Opting for an instant messenger service was important for us, allowing the team to still share ideas, catch up and check in even when they’re not in the same room. While nothing can replace that direct interaction with another person, the option to have a video call or drop a voice message to someone can break down those barriers.

Keeping the office culture

Ultimately, it goes back to that whole idea of office culture. Even when working outside the building, people still need to feel connected, sharing those same things that make being part of Chatsworth so fun and engaging.

Managers are still catching up with their teams every day, colleagues haven’t stopped collaborating and we’re still making sure our clients are being supported. Our goal is to make things work so well that, even with the changes taking place within the modern office, things remain the same here at Chatsworth.

With many businesses stepping into the remote-working world for the first time, it will undoubtedly be a period for evaluation, change and growth. For us, we like to think we have a good setup – both for our clients and our people.