FX trading volumes rebound from summer lull

CLS’s currency trading volumes saw a significant uptick, as volatility in the foreign exchange (FX) market bounced back in September.

Following a bumpy period in geopolitics over the summer, trading activity rose strongly to almost USD 1.750 trillion in last month, according to the largest provider of settlement services in the global foreign exchange market.

Data from CLS showed a 10.7 percent month-on-month increase in the number of trade instructions submitted in September from USD1.581 trillion in July 2017.  This also represents a very significant 15.9% increase from this time last year, when volumes totalled USD1,514 trillion.

CLS’s figures reflect the trend observed in the monthly figures from many of the major trading platforms. However, given its position as a central settlement hub for the wholesale market, CLS provides the most comprehensive snapshot of activity, encompassing data from 18 global currencies and approximately 21,000 trading entities around the world.







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