MonetaGo CEO Jesse Chenard at BG2C FIN / SUM Tokyo 2020

Jesse Chenard - Fintech PR


Chatsworth client and MonetaGo chief executive, Jesse Chenard, was a guest panellist at this year’s Blockchain Global Governance Conference, hosted by Nikkei and Japan’s Financial Services Agency.

Jesse joined eminent speakers across the financial services industry for the two-day event, to explore blockchain’s growth and applicability in Japan and beyond.

This year’s conference – held in Tokyo – sought to find solutions to issues confronting new applications for the technology.

The event included a wide range of international participants, including blockchain engineers, researchers, business operators, consumers and regulatory officials.

Jesse Chenard

Jesse’s panel, “Exploring Blockchain’s potentiality through Use Case”, was an important and dynamic discussion looking at the real-life examples of blockchain’s application, in financial services and beyond.

Blockchain technology is no longer limited to the world of finance; it has expanded to other fields such as international trade, supply chains and logistics. This conference showcased examples of these newer applications and examined ongoing efforts to use the technology – and the issues that have arisen in the process – by examining existing and potential business models.

MonetaGo uses blockchain technology to eliminate paper-based processes, so cutting inefficiencies and fighting fraud, across trade finance, invoice financing, and digital workflows. The fintech has a large and growing presence in Asia.

For the panel, Jesse was joined by Leon Scott, MD, Regional head of Asia-Pacific, TradeIX; Orapong Thien-Ngern, CEO, Digital Ventures; and Yoshiharu Akahane, Senior Manager, Business Strategy Section, Financial Segment, NTT Data.

Jesse brought to life the clear need for technology to improve outdated processes across digital workflows, drawing on his long experience in financial services technology to highlight blockchain’s potential to transform the industry.

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