Chatsworth opens Belfast office

We’re pleased to announce that Chatsworth Communications is set to open a new office in Belfast.

Q&A with Arthur & Lydia – Chatsworth’s account executives

What is a typical day like at Chatsworth?


While you get into the rhythm of completing routine tasks, I have found that working in PR – especially in the fintech sector – means that every day is different. Tactics that we use to gain media coverage for clients, such as ‘news-hijacking’, require us to adapt our daily tasks to the changing nature of the media landscape. A quiet day can therefore suddenly become a very busy one, depending on what’s happening in the news! This is one of the most exciting things about working in PR, and something that I was able to get stuck into from the very beginning of my time at Chatsworth.


It’s hard to define a ‘typical’ day at Chatsworth as each day is different and definitely not boring! The variation of work each day makes for an interesting workload and develops your learning even further. As the Fintech industry is moving at such a fast pace, you take away some new knowledge of what is happening in the industry each day.

A typical day also includes working very closely with your team members. Whether you are in the office or working remotely, you’re always communicating with colleagues to make sure you’re delivering work to the best ability.

What is the culture like at Chatsworth?


Starting my career at a small to medium-sized firm like Chatsworth allowed me to have hands-on responsibilities from the very start. When I joined Chatsworth I had minimal PR experience, but I found that my team-mates were always happy to help when I needed some guidance during the initial training process. I have a fantastic manager, Catherine Day, who encourages me to focus on the skills I’m less confident with, whilst also tailoring tasks to my strengths.

Outside of work, we have a great social life at Chatsworth. A definite highlight has to be the Brewdog Halloween Pub Quiz, where our Senior Consultant Chris Patmore carried the team to victory! Our extremely cute office dog, Fig, is also a welcoming presence after a tough brief.


Whether you join Chatsworth as an Intern or in a higher position, everyone is treated equally. Being at an entry-level position, you still communicate with the client and have the opportunity, and are encouraged to suggest new ideas.

Chatsworth also has a culture where no question is ignored. If you need help with something on one of your accounts, all the team are happy to help.

What is it like to work within Fintech?


The fintech sector is simultaneously exciting and challenging. Although I was a fintech novice when I arrived, Chatsworth provided me with a range of resources to get me up to speed – no question is too big or too small!

Fintech is a great industry to be involved in because you’re often at the forefront of the most exciting financial developments. Whether it’s the latest payment innovation or the most recent advancement in artificial intelligence, I’ve found fintech to be a great place to start my career.


Working within Fintech is fascinating. You hear about some of the most innovative and forward-thinking work, which is likely to grow even further in the future. What helps me the most in keeping up with the industry and learning the latest developments is putting aside time each day for research and reading the news, which also helps with any news hijacking opportunities.

Fintech is very fast-paced, but Chatsworth makes sure you are up to date with your industry knowledge. When I first started, I had weekly training sessions with my manager on various topics, which was also very beneficial for asking questions on a one-to-one basis.

What has been the biggest learning curve from transitioning from university to work?


One of the biggest learning curves since leaving University has been adapting my writing style. Whilst at university you typically retain the same academic style, working with a range of clients who all require different types of content means that you have to be ready to change the way you write very quickly!


At university, you are only responsible for your own work, however, at work, you become accountable for the team. Most accounts have three-five people on, and it’s important that your work is done on time, so it doesn’t disrupt their schedules. Also, you have to get used to working to the client’s deadline, rather than working to your own.

Arthur and Lydia joined Chatsworth as graduates in 2021. If you would like to be part of our 2022 graduate intake contact and look out for more details on our careers page.

A virtual visit to Chatsworth Communications