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Mixed Figures From US Advance Retail Sales Report

Christopher Vecchio, Currency Analyst at DailyFX, comments:   “The consumption figures in the February US Advance Retail Sales report beat estimates across the board, but only after the January figures were revised lower. On net, US consumption is down by about -0.3% so far in 2014. Of course, one can’t dismiss the weather impact and […]

Russia/Ukraine crisis hits pause

“Conflict is brewing in Eastern Europe and it’s led to a surge in volatility across asset classes the past few days. But the conciliatory tone offered today by President Putin – and the removal of Russian troops from the Eastern Ukrainian border that were activated for ‘planned military drills’ – has offered reason anew to be bullish on risk assets…

Euro stuck in the mud

“The EURUSD has been trapped between $1.3680 and 1.3770 for the better part of the last week, and it’s going to need a catalyst aside from French jawboning about how a weaker Euro might help exports to move it from this range…

Cracks emerge in largely positive US Consumer Confidence Index

“Winter’ inclemency may or may not be impacting the US economy but US consumers are thus far weathering the weather. The Consumer Confidence gauge dropped to 78.1 in February from 79.4 in January, but the Present Situation subcomponent climbed to its highest level over the past 12-months at 81.7. The Expectations subindex dropped to 75.7 from 80.8, but remains above the lows set near 71 around the October fiscal hot stove…

Chinese and European manufacturing figures deflate optimism in global markets

“Optimism in global markets took a dent overnight as both Chinese and European PMI manufacturing figures disappointed, underscoring the rising concerns of a more concerted global slowdown. Global growth concerns couldn’t be coming at a worse time, when the US economy has undergone a series of disappointing data across all major points as the Federal Reserve winds down its stimulus program[…]

GBP/USD rally may not be finished yet

“Retail forex crowd positioning in GBPUSD may be the clearest example of emotions dictating trading decisions, rather than objective analysis, that we’ve noted to date. The GBPUSD recently broke the downtrend from the late-January highs, and retail traders, who were already short, chose to double down: they stepped up their shorts to their highest level since 2002. […]