Communicating SWIFT’s product offering and vision

Delivering financial crime compliance solutions is a top strategic priority for SWIFT, with major plans for growth in this area following the launch of a new portfolio of services covering sanctions screening, compliance analytics and KYC.

To facilitate this growth, the company required a set of strong, concise and contextualised messages to communicate each product’s offering and vision to customers, media and other stakeholders in an evolving compliance landscape.

Chatsworth prepared and facilitated a full-day workshop with the SWIFT team in order to identify the key features, user benefits and overall vision for the financial crime compliance portfolio. We then delivered a comprehensive set of key messages, with proof points and soundbites for use in customer and media communications.

Based on the approved messaging, we developed a compelling infographic that graphically represented the financial crime compliance challenge and the need for SWIFT’s offering. Alongside this, we drafted and delivered a brochure with a concise, clear narrative supported by visuals to explain the compliance story and SWIFT’s sanctions, KYC and AML offerings to customers, prospects and journalists.