http://shandycreative.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://shandycreative.com/wp-admin/ Helping R3 establish Corda as the new operating system for financial markets

Chatsworth leads global PR, analyst relations and events management for enterprise software firm R3, currently rolling out its blockchain platform Corda across the financial services industry and beyond.

Working with R3 since its launch, we have provided strategic and tactical communications to support the growth of its client network from an initial group of nine banks to over 200 financial services institutions, regulators and technology companies, backed by $107 million in funding from over 40 investors.

Utilising R3’s team of expert spokespeople, we have positioned the company and its partners as thought leaders in this revolutionary technological field, securing tens of thousands of pieces of coverage across the globe and positioning Corda as the only viable alternative to legacy financial systems.

R3 is now widely seen as the leading voice on blockchain technology, with a consistent stream of media requests for comments and speaker opportunities and an ever-growing network of clients and partners.