• Chatsworth has built its reputation on our public relations and strategic communications services to the financial services and financial technology sectors.
    • Our mission is clear: to build the reputation of our business and our clients, together.
    • Chatsworth was founded in 2005 by former Barclays and Huntsworth Communications Director, Nick Murray-Leslie.
    • We have grown and developed a distinctive culture of highly skilled, experienced people delivering with energy, flair and initiative.
    • We are privileged to advise and support some exceptional brands and individuals.


  • Our pinpoint focus and unrivalled expertise in financial technology – one of the largest and fastest growing sectors for investment.
  • Exceptional knowledge and client base in capital markets and foreign exchange, the world’s largest and most liquid market (ADV USD 5.1 trillion).
  • Employing the perfect blend of content and channel – to tell your story and move the compass needle your way.
  • Understanding the complexities of global financial markets, the regulatory and legal environment and the role of technology.
  • Knowing that ideas as well as people influence.


    • From our headquarters in London and New York, at the heart of the global fintech industry, the Chatsworth team advises and supports clients in all aspects of their strategic and tactical communications.
    • We give leaders informed advice, helping them to manage the communications challenges which affect their reputation, ability to operate or valuation.
    • The team advises and supports systemically critical market utilities,  established companies and start-ups, and has steered a number of businesses to growth and subsequent sale.
    • We work with intelligence and energy to deliver reputation gain – building, enhancing and protecting your reputation to give you competitive advantage.