The EUR/USD peaks as weight of deflation subsides

"The EURUSD has streaked back to its late-January highs as the weight of deflation talk has subsided once more. Not surprisingly, the more aggressive dovish commentary in recent weeks has come from France, a country with a declining rate of export growth over the past three-plus years[...]
February 18, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

GBP/USD’s impressive run stalls as investors take profits

"The GBPUSD’s impressive run may be hitting a near-term resting point as the conflux of several key levels offers a point of reference for longer-term buyers to take profit at as well as for short-term sellers to trade against.
February 17, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

CLS monthly settlement figures, January 2014

Total Input Volumes1 and Values in January 2014:
February 17, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

Richard E Grant joins the cast of Downton Abbey



Richard E. Grant, Chatsworth’s cover star,…
February 14, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

Dollar pain trade goes on

"‘The year of the US Dollar’ might be an appropriate summary for the consensus estimate on the street for which currency would be the top performer in 2014 [...]
February 14, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

GBP/USD rally may not be finished yet

"Retail forex crowd positioning in GBPUSD may be the clearest example of emotions dictating trading decisions, rather than objective analysis, that we’ve noted to date. The GBPUSD recently broke the downtrend from the late-January highs, and retail traders, who were already short, chose to double down: they stepped up their shorts to their highest level since 2002. [...]
February 13, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

ParFX adds Citi and JP Morgan as founding members

Citi and JP Morgan have joined ParFX as founding members, the trading venue said on Wednesday, taking the number of core members to 14 and bringing the company closer to introducing prime brokerage clients in the coming months[...]
February 12, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

ITN interview with CLS

ITN interview with CLS for the British Bankers Association
February 7, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

CLS monthly settlement figures, December 2013

In December 2013:
• The average daily volume submitted to CLS, combining the settlement and aggregation services, was 988,674 down 9.6% from 1,094,020 in November.
• The average daily value submitted to CLS was US$4.87 trillion, down 0.4% from US$4.89 trillion in November[...]
January 16, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

Stronger CPI Overshadowed by Russian Threats

Evidence is gathering that the US consumer started to wake up alongside the weather warming up, but optimism over improved growth prospects for the world’s largest economy have had little if any of a reverberating impact in FX the past two days.
April 15, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

US Retail Sales Report Expected to Show Largest Monthly Increase Since 2012

The Euro came under pressure to start the trading week, hobbled by comments by ECB President Mario Draghi and Executive Board member Benoit Coeure.
April 14, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

CLS Settlement Service and Aggregation Service Data: Monthly Volumes and Values, March 2014

CLS Settlement Service and Aggregation Service Data: Monthly Volumes and Values, March 2014
April 10, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

European Trade Figures Expected to Show Improvement

The spotlight is on the release of minutes from the March 18-19 FOMC meeting in the hours ahead. That sit-down produced a notably hawkish shift in the central bank’s rhetoric and traders will be keen to parse through the conversation underlying policymakers’ confidence.
April 9, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

ECB Sets Table for Lower Euro Prices – Here’s How

"The European Central Bank’s (ECB) patience with the region’s lacklustre recovery may be running out, if one is to believe the rhetoric deployed by President Mario Draghi at the April press conference.
April 7, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

High Frequency Trading – Trading Investigation

The publication of Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt has fuelled the debate surrounding the legitimacy of HFT in the market
April 6, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

How the Industry sees “Flash Boys”

Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker and The Big Short, has kicked off a storm with his new book, Flash Boys, which argues that the US equity market is rigged by high frequency traders (HFT)
April 5, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

Draghi Does His Best to Talk Down EUR

Mr. Draghi remained upbeat at the April ECB meeting press conference once more and remained confident in regards to increasing price levels closer to the 2% target over the coming months and years. Nevertheless, the central bank head did comment on possible moves by the ECB to engage in QE measures if they were absolutely needed.
April 3, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

Euro Set for Big Move on ECB

The European Central Bank’s dovish rhetoric show hit the road this week as policymakers continued the pushback against the perceived hawkish nature of the March policy meeting.
March 31, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

Weak German CPI Report May Fuel Concerns Over Disinflation

Ilya Spivak, Currency Analyst, comments:


March 28, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

US Durable Goods Orders Report Expected to Show Largest Increase in 3 Months

An uneventful data docket in European trading hours is likely to see traders looking ahead to February’s US Durable Goods Orders report
March 26, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications

A Vulnerable Moment for the Euro

The appearance of a more hawkish FOMC (thanks to Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s hint that the first rate hike could come around six months after QE3 ends)
March 24, 2014/by ChatsworthCommunications