Mark Carney on realising the potential of fintech

Democratisation of financial services, greater consumer choice, lower costs and greater resilience of financial infrastructure are just some of the reasons why the Bank of England (BoE) is encouraging financial technology (fintech) development in the UK.
April 24, 2017/by ChatsworthCommunications

Regtech is booming, but is the UK missing out?

Regtech is booming, with USD 2.99 billion invested globally across over 400 private investment deals in the last five years. Yet despite its predominant position in almost all other areas of financial technology, the UK is still lagging behind the US when it comes to regtech investment. 
April 20, 2017/by ChatsworthCommunications

TRACE and Reg ATS: the changing face of US Treasuries regulation

Nichola Hunter, Chief Operating Officer at LiquidityEdge, explores new regulation coming down the track which will significantly impact broker-dealers in US Treasuries.
April 7, 2017/by ChatsworthCommunications

Sterling reigns over euro amongst central banks

Central banks view the UK as a safer prospect for investing their currency reserves, despite the uncertainty created by the Brexit vote and Article 50.
April 6, 2017/by ChatsworthCommunications

London’s post-Brexit future as a financial hub

While the EU referendum and a post-Brexit scenario may have been something of a blow to confidence in the City, it still has plenty going for it as a financial hub. This year’s Global Financial Centres Index, an international ranking of the world’s leading financial centres, placed London top of the pile.
April 4, 2017/by ChatsworthCommunications

In search of FX liquidity

"There is a tendency for market participants to believe that liquidity was better in the past." Says David Puth, CEO of CLS. However, he continues, "liquidity appears to be very strong. It is, however, different, with liquidity widely dispersed over a number of different trading venues". How is fragmentation affecting liquidity and how should liquidity metrics be changed to reflect the new normal?
March 31, 2017/by ChatsworthCommunications
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