Investing in quantum computing One of the early investors in Google, Uber and Snapchat has backed a British, Cambridge-based start up company in its first-round of investment.

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go to link Chatsworth client, Cambridge Quantum Computing, is developing a quantum operating system called tiket>and has attracted USD 50 million in backing from Grupo Arcano, in what is believed to be one of the largest first-round investments of any UK- based start up.


come fare soldi con il trading binario Quantum computers, the next generation of high-powered super-computers, are set to transform the business world due to their immense processing power. Unlike conventional computers, quantum computers process data in parallel, mimicking, if you like, the human brain. A quantum computer can recreate the behaviour of atoms, model chemical reactions and simulate nature itself, making it capable of large-scale simultaneous computation.

watch Quantum technology is seen as a transformative way for computers to analyse vast amounts of data. Any business or activity that relies on searching, crunching and storing large volumes of data will soar.

here Sectors where demand exists include financial markets, insurance, intelligence, cyber-security, internet, medicinal and pharmaceutical research, defence, energy, database management, logistics and communications – ie the entire modern economy. Quantum computers will redefine “real-world”.

forex make money fast Quantum computers replace traditional bits that are used in digital communications with quantum bits, or qubits. Potential applications can be found in a variety of fields, from medicine to space travel. The t|ket> operating system was developed by Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQCL) using a proprietary custom designed high speed supercomputer to accurately simulate a quantum processor. The software will aid the commercialisation of the emerging technology by facilitating users in controlling what operations a quantum computer can perform.

follow url The CIA, Google and NASA are among the organisations currently researching the technology through the use of quantum computers. Earlier this year, the UK government joined the list of interested parties by announcing a new £270m ($424m) strategy into quantum technology growth through the UK National Quantum Technology Programme.

indici opzioni binarie This is fascinating technology at the edge of human scientific research and development. For more information on Cambridge Quantum Computing, see John Detrixhe’s Bloomberg article.